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    Atelo is a journey of mystery and mysticism. For beauty lies in the untold, unforeseen and the incomplete, which is what makes it ethereal and eternal.


    In a world chasing material perfection, our jewellery trusts and preserves the instincts of nature with attentive and impeccable craftsmanship. Each of our pieces preserve the eccentricity and beauty of natural diamonds and gemstones with modern, minimalistic design that lets each element breathe and shine unapologetically.


    The result is a bold and uncompromising style that causes a stir. For those who take risks, and dive right into the rabbit hole.


    Atelo was founded by Anushi and Yash Mehta, with the vision of creating innovative, non-conformist jewellery rooted in the tradition, legacy and knowledge handed down to them by their forefathers who traveled the world in search of diamonds and precious stones going as far back as 1930.

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    • Strong diamond foundation: expertise in manufacturing and procuring only the most magnificent diamonds whether they are modern brilliant cuts, old cuts or fancy cuts. We ensure all our diamonds comply with the Kimberly Process, guaranteeing that they are conflict free.
    • Gem stones: whether it is the fiery red of ruby or the soothing blue of sapphire, coloured stones add a completely different element to any piece of jewellery. Our unrivalled knowledge and expertise in coloured stones mean that we only select the most vibrant gemstones in our jewellery. It is then our job to place these unique gifts of nature in their deserved setting.
    • Design and Craftsmanship: From the initial conceptualization of a design through to the final execution in manufacturing the piece , the role of creative design and expert craftsmanship cannot be understated. Each and every stage is meticulously carried out, combining advanced technology with intricacies that can only be handled by the human hand. Designs are brought to life through the work of a craftsman, with one goal in mind. To create exquisite pieces of jewellery that fully display the beauty of its gemstones.

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    Our very own masterpieces.

    Atelo’s handcrafted masterpieces use rare, stunning gemstones and innovative methods to produce beautiful pieces of jewellery that are truly one of a kind.

    Each and every gemstone in the collection is hand-selected, and pieces are designed around these center pieces before being brought to life by our expert craftsman.


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    LE COLORE by Atelo

    Vivid colours and a playful side

    Atelo’s passion for life and colour are reflected in this collection. Bold colours and designs using a range of gemstones are the focus of this collection. The result? Vibrant pieces that breathe with life.

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    Unique and Innovative Diamond Cuts

    We have patented and trademarked certain diamond cuts and collections. Our desire to constantly innovate and come up with new concepts ensures that our customers are always getting something unusual and out-of-the-ordinary.


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    5th-8th November 2020

    Gem Geneva

    Palexpo Geneva Switzerland

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    30th May- 5th June 2020

    Las Vegas Antique Jewellery and Watch Show

    Las Vegas Convention Center

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    17th-21st November 2020

    Jewellery Arabia

    Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Centre


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    4th-8th January 2020

    The Original Miami Beach Antique Show

    MIami Beach Convention Center

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